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It seems like every brand is coming out with waterproof makeup… and I want to see which products can actually hold up, and which swim away in fear, haha! Today I’m taking myself swimming on the first date.. it is time for the ULTIMATE WATERPROOF MAKEUP TEST!
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      I love u nikke 💫💫💫

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      @Michell Vera no dude just a lil makeup wont harm the bug sea chill

    • Dai Kichi Nee-san

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      Hey Nikkie and everyone, just wanted to ask for advice for lipcare. I know we have to stay hydrated to the lips dont get dry, but I was wondering if you guys have other lipcare routine to achieve the smooth lips even with matte lipstick? Thanks a bunch!

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      You know how beautiful you are?

  2. Elena Salazar

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    Omg😱😱 this woman si khloe kardashian

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    Thankyou gurl!

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    Nikkie :Is it deep” Also Nikkie : *is in the ocean*

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    like als je nederlands bent

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    You have the Perfect Skin 😊👍

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    She looks like a Christian middle aged woman from Texas

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    Que genial 💯😋

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    is it just me or did she do more to her bottom lashes than top XD

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    Other than the actual make-up look, I think she needs credits for being able to remove all of that later. 😭

  11. Luna Del Grande

    Luna Del Grande

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    I'm pretty sure this was reposted it seems like I've seen it in 2018 🤔 Or I'm just having a weird déjà vu

  12. Pyper Buck

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    I use the bright red super stay matte for dance competitions. It stays all day. The only thing that I have to reapply is the red glitter we have to put on too

  13. Yessenia Anchissi

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    omg!!!! i was gonna ask earlier if you had ever been to curacao! my mother is from curacao, but im from norway... not a lot of people in the north knows of curacao... so i always get excited when someone talks about the island. hope you enjoyed your trip

  14. Defne omurtay

    Defne omurtay

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    Meanwhile take you very nice I have a suggestion, I think as you do something such as a few how you can for example try to make them take the country's makeup gonna say this Turkey's first headlights Al for example, America's a highlighter get to know here is Brazil's what this By the way, I am Turkish, but I know English very well and I watch their videos very much.

  15. Defne omurtay

    Defne omurtay

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    Hello, I'm a big fan of you, but I think if you write these make-up materials next to your video, it looks more comfortable. For example, other youtubers do it this way, the video is not longer.

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    who else thought she said dixie cuz we in 2020

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    Honestly, I know she is beautiful every single day... it's probably the sunlight in Curaçao, but she is even more stunnning in this video. Like, the level of beauty and joy... I am baffled!

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    Nikki: Oh we need this drama Everyone: We have had too many dramas already we dont need more

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    Thank you for the video, I sweat a lot going to try this rountine out. 😃

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    she talks so slow i have it in 2x ;-;

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    14:51 isn't that an incredibly dangerous fish?

  24. Lea Maye Smith

    Lea Maye Smith

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    Those rose colors do be making her eyes POP tho.

  25. Jihan N

    Jihan N

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    You look so beautiful here

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    who agrees that Nikkie is the most unproblematic beauty guru on youtube?

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    Imerlda Rose mathew

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    I honestly cant believe that she born a boy, she is so beautiful that she could very easily be passed as a girl, heck! She is more of a girl than me, AND I was born a girl, I am really envious of her beauty, both inside and out, and her courage too, I think if she was in my school, many girls will be envious of her, she is really beautiful!!!

  28. Ak Jasmine

    Ak Jasmine

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    13:52 thank me later

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    Leuk dat je weer meedoet aan wie is de mol? Ik ben fan😁❤️❤️❤️

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    2 weeks later:whole see colert

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    Asma el mokdad

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    Y r nikies ears always red

  32. Mero OfficialYoutube

    Mero OfficialYoutube

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    Whenever Nikki says “for consealer” it sound like “freakin’ sealer”🤣

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    Technically she was still in the netherlands but also not

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    God you pretty

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    U so pretty

  36. Naomi :p

    Naomi :p

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    5:30 I used that once and I sat there for about 15 minutes trying to get it off By the end my lips were NUMB

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    Kush Dil

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    Nice 👍🏻

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    no name

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    I just saw this video and wow the brows, eyes, lips and lashes stood up to all that swimming ! Super impressed !! The highlight well maybe try another one. Nikki loved this type of outdoor trial video !! 💛💛😍😍

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    Let’s see if I can get the most liked comment

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    I was shook she went in with her earrings on

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    ʚ B r o o k i i P l a y z ɞ

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    sometimes when she says "for concealer" it sounds like "frickin sealer" 😂

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    WHAHAAHAHAH hoe ze ook dr lippen likt

  46. ujwal majumdar

    ujwal majumdar

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    5:23 I actually know how to take it out! Apply a bit of Vaseline on your lips and then wipe it out off with a cloth or tissue. It will surely work, I use this trick! I knew that Vaseline removes makeup so I tried to remove my Liquid lipstick *("Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink"* the colour's *"120 Artist")* the other day, it works like Magic!😄 Try it out!💄

  47. Jen Myers

    Jen Myers

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    Omg buying the lipstick for the eyes and shadow! AMAZING how the Tom Ford foundation stayed on! Definitely getting the Huda spray. I use the Urban Decay All Nighter. Does the Huda spray cause u to dry out or blemish? I've been using Il Makiage foundation and even without my primer it looks great after a 12 hour shift in ICU. Let me know, Nikkie! LOVE your TUTORIALS!!

  48. MAP


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    Nikki should be the official makeup artist for Aquaman 🐳🐳

  49. Carla Lucero

    Carla Lucero

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    Who else is here after watching the clip of nikkie using the huda beauty setting spray in her most recent video?!!❤️❤️❤️✨

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    Tatum Arbias 3A

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    6:06 her ears are RED

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    What did you use for brows please

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    Lisa Gonzalez

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    Where can i buy Tom Ford Waterproof foundation. I have looked like aa crazy women.

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    Vicky Lynn

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    i still cant believe this is a man

    • sousou queen

      sousou queen

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      Me too

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    Seaside Sophie

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    My god, you're so pretty, even without the make-up! Love your vibe!

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    who keeps on hearing siri in the background...? its in 4:56mins

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    First time she actually showed us what mascara she is using!!

  59. ClassyGirl


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    Literally 99% wont see this but if you do, God bless you, stay safe and Follow your dreams💝 My Dream is to have 40k. I been struggling to get there👩🏿‍🎤

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    I Love Love Love that eye look!

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    ive been cramping all day, please pray for me

  62. John P.

    John P.

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    i mean i understand why she wore lashes cos she’s testing the lash glue but why tf is she also wearing earrings and nails in the ocean??

    • John P.

      John P.

      Сарын өмнө

      Mira v her wearing earrings while swimming in the ocean reminds me of that kuwtk meme when kim lost her earrings in the ocean 😂😂😂

    • Mira v

      Mira v

      Сарын өмнө

      As for earrings idk maybe she forgot

    • Mira v

      Mira v

      Сарын өмнө

      I think she has acrylic nails and acrylic nails you can't just take off, they are on there and don't come off (usually) without acetone

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    I’m 5 foot 3 in real life and I’m only 9 years old

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    The "I am beautiful" fucking sent me

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    Annie / Hams

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    12:15 me when my mom takes away my fave snack and it is still on my lips

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    You're beautiful without all that make-up on.

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    kathie reynolds

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    your amazing at everything you do and i would love for you to do my makeup someday but all though i don't know how i would get to where you are because where i live in Machias MAINE it would be very difficult for me to get their and i wish we were friends

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    Ava Hollensead

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    Kathryn Moffett

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    I was shocked that some of her "waterproof" makeup didn't come off. That lipstick stayed there like a rock!

  77. Sindy Nt

    Sindy Nt

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    Last time I used the maybelline matte ink I had to use a toothbrush to take it of it's the mostttttttt waterproof lipstick in the world

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    So pretty! I love her bathing suit!

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    • l


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      Then don’t watch her videos..

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    shelbs i think

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    I think I’ve been watching her for about a half a year now and I still remember this is the first video I ever watched of hers. Now she’s become one of my favorite youtubers! Here in 2020

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    Thank you THANK youuu! I searched for a waterproof makeup video because I had intended on going to buy new waterproof makeup today. I've got a blocked tear duct and have been devastated that I can't wear fun makeup with all the tears constantly coming out of my eye. Lipstick as eye shade! Oh you are a genious. I've used it as blush but it never occurred to me to try it on the eyes. I have tonnes of neutral lipsticks that I'm going to try today.

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    Judith XOXO

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