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SHEA COULEÉ Transforms Me Into NIKKIE COULEÉ! | NikkieTutorials

After slaying RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 5 all season long, drag sensation Shea Couleé joins me in the studio today to get glam together! We talk about some backstage tea, who lied; India Ferrah, or Alexis Mateo? AND, what was it really like when Valentina didn’t take her mask off? Let’s go! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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    Their smiles are so beautiful 😍😍

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    I want Nikkie to make a video with Jaida Essence Hall💖

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    Me: haven't watched season 5 yet because the italian Netflix has only season 4 for some reason... Also me: got the spoiler right away in the first 20 seconds of the video.

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    Omg!😍😍 you both look so STUNNING❤❤❤

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    I'm sorry to see this video didn't hit the 1 million mark because she is a doll.

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    Elisa Dinsmore

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    😂 I grew up with one of the dancers in The Scissor Sisters music video for Let's Have a Kiki lol. She's also a singer herself (Chrissi Poland) Too funny that was mentioned. Makeup Kiki party - love it.

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    shea coulee

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    ok im in love

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    i didn't know this video existed

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    Lippenstift is the same in german

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    you gotta have trixie do ur makeup after the pandemic!!!! it would be so iconic!!

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    Nikki always snaps my god....if you don't do my bridal makeup I dont want it

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    Yessss queen xoxo ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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    I hope this boy will never do fillers or any ps. Cuz he’s perfect and will just ruin her face.

    • Kass Kouï

      Kass Kouï

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      arianamoonliigt 💧 yes i noticed that lmao, but her face still looks natural.

    • arianamoonliigt 💧

      arianamoonliigt 💧

      21 өдрийн өмнө

      sorry to break it to you but shea already got her all stars lips 💀

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    i love these two so much oh my goddd

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    You girls are so sweet and gorgeous!

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    I love me some Shea Coulee!! You deserved the crown!

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    Watching this after Shea won!

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    Shea is looking sensually with this makeup and she's sensible turning up the heat in me.

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    Hi niki lipsticks lol 😂 can I be feather in four channel?

  28. Doug


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    THATS what Shae does with her lips. Incredible

  29. Diane Hicks

    Diane Hicks

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    I couldn't stop smiling, during this whole video. I love Shea!

  30. Julesclues


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    Why doesn’t this video have a million views yet???? People are sleeping

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    please do a vid with trixie mattel 🥺

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    Damn I choked on all that powder ...

  33. Vanessa V

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    what is the name of the product she uses to cream contour?

  34. Kare31s


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    Does she use a pink shade to tip her nose? If so why? Or is that the camera? Just out of curiosity.

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    would love to see Valentina or Jaida Essence Hall on your channel nikkie

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    LOVED THIS DO MORE DO MORE!!!! Drag queens are so freakin awesome!!!

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    Amazing omg i loved it

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    I love that Shea wore black even tho they knew they were going to do a lot of powder 😭

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    Honestly both of nikkie and shea’s laugh is adorable

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    Catherine Barbosa Martins

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    Shea is so amazing

  41. chapplepeach29


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    I wish you had done the eyebrows and lip color the same. :)

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    8:58 me in the kitchen

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    Ananya Garg

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    What sort of wi-fi do they have!?!? The quality is insane!

  46. ghostboy molly

    ghostboy molly

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    i love this, it’s almost like two friends on facetime doing their makeup and just chilling /talking 💗 💗

  47. AWeirdLittleDevil


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    Nikki! You have to do more collaboration with drag queens! 🥺

  48. Elise Brisson

    Elise Brisson

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    I loved hearing you two talk about coming out and being yourself! Two queens! I do kind of wish that you mimicked Shea’s makeup a bit more closely, especially the brows, because I feel like Shea’s brows are so specific and iconic. Anyway, much love to you both!

  49. Elise Brisson

    Elise Brisson

    Сарын өмнө

    I loved hearing you two talk about coming out and being yourself! Two queens! I do kind of wish that you mimicked Shea’s makeup a bit more closely, especially the brows, because I feel like Shea’s brows are so specific and iconic. Anyway, much love to you both!

  50. Charles-Arthur


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    Shea is otherworldly beautiful

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    To all those NEP companies... I am Going to get uuuuuu

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    I hate the way Nikkie Tutorials has dropped JS 🌟 Bye Felicia 👋

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    Every time the Dutch 🇳🇱 word of the day comes up I feel like I’m cheating, because I’m german 🇩🇪 and it’s similar or even the same 😂😅😘

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    Fayola King-Lawrence

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    Carnival! Oh I would love to see you all in a Trinidad and Tobago Carnival costume

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    jai guru dev from india........

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    It looks like a mookbang but with makeup! Love it!

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    I love you SHEA your so humble gorgeous in and out drag we ALL love you 😍

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    So I wanna be Shea for Halloween... and Love the foreshadowing for the WIN. 2 Queens on my screen

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  68. Lilly Zahn

    Lilly Zahn

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    I think Nikki does the best collaborations. She really gives the video more attention to her guest which I love! She really is thoughtfull and it's so sweet.

  69. Allisonmarie567


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    Aww I love this! Shea is so wholesome, sweet and adorable!. Nikki is also a great interviewer! She needs a makeup talk show and Shea can be her co-host. 😍😍❤️

  70. resus mistus

    resus mistus

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    I love this video and how Nikkie and Shea interact but I wish Nikkie would have put more focus on „copying“ what Shea does to see what it looks like on her face

  71. Gaurav Vikalp

    Gaurav Vikalp

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    Hmm, all the dark queens paint quite light. It kinda bothers me.

  72. Soulful Sista

    Soulful Sista

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    The part where Shea said "it's like I would like to speak to the manager whereas you just want a refund" threw me 😂😂😂

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    Jimbo better winn Canada drag race but the favouritism for rita is unbelievable

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    I love how friendly Shea is whenever she interacts with others. Also love that she’s a perfectionist and organised

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    Joshua Beech-Maher

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    Angela Lengoloi van Rooyen

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    This is the first beauty guru video I've ever watched and watching this beautiful dark skinned human putting on makeup was like watching an artist paint a masterpiece.

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    Flippy Lovez

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    It’s so cool watching this after they announced the winner of RPDR all stars 5 cause there’s so many moments where she looks really confident she’ll win, like she KNEW she had it in the bag

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    Emma B

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    chimchim has no jams

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