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Jeffree Star and Morphe Cosmetics recently launched their brand new collaboration! But instead of just playing with the video and leaving it at that... TODAY my Fiancé Dylan picks what colors I should use from the palette on one side of my face, and I choose what happens on the other side! A little HIS VS. HERS moment! I hope you enjoy!
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      Both sides are amazing BUT if I had to choose..it would be Dylan's..sorry doll💟

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      NikkieTutorials yours because I LOVE color

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    Amazing video! I loved both sides but think I like his side a little more. Thanks for the awesome content!! This was bomb

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    Every one going to comment to see if Jeffrey commented

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    Thing is, I don't know anyone, young or old who'd wear eyeshadow like that. It takes a rare face to be able to handle that. I think youtubers who make it as makeup gurus have both talent and big eyelids! Lol kidding! I mean faces which can take a lot of makeup, but never ever never ever talk about faces who can't!! Like my smaller, deeper set eyes.

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    Why do you support Jeffree? Disappointing.

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    i’m stuck in bed due to the coronavirus so i am watching all of your videos and it is making me so much happier and it is helping take my mind off of the pain my body is in. so thank you so much for being so positive! love you 😍

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    I love the two looks one palette challenge. It gives us the opportunity to see more colors of what a large palette offers, and we get to delight in your artistry! It's always so much fun hanging out with you! You are a blessing!!! 💕

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      check out Alexandra Anele! hope this helps xx

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