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I MET RIHANNA…. but what went down? And how did it come about?! TODAY I tell you every little secret about how I got to meet the queen + what she was like!! While sharing that, I put my own spin on her ICONIC Who’s That Chick music video makeup look! Hope you enjoy!
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    You have the ng noise in Dutch like in The Reo Māori. I love you a litter bit harder, now xoxo

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    primer is such a scam

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    Who else remembers that this looks so similar to the "minions yellow cut crease with nude lip" video tutorial BY NIKKITUTORIALS

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    Morgan's Music Melodies

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    I used to think it was "octopus prime"

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    Don't worry Nikki I'm im sure I also bend my knees when I meet Rihanna personally 👑

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    8:36-8:43 When your at a mutual friends party, and you see your ex and his new girlfriend, and you trying to act like he doesn't mean shyt, and you try to not fall apart and act like a fumbling bitch crying in the corner!😅😂

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    Every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord! He is the only one who knees will bow to.

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    Am I the only one that laughed at the Optimus prime joke hahaha

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    The Dutch word was Zangeres but I’m pretty late 🤣

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    I love yellow and brown but it has for ingrained spongebob in my brain.

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    Awww lovely lady. I enjoy your vidoes. I just sit and watch. You go girl.

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    I saw Rihanna in recommendation... is that a dude?

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    Omg I wish you could teach me how to do makeup, I suck I'm starting out and really need help, but you'll probably never come here and with corona... I will dream.

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    Your lips are EVERYTHING!

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    please Nikkie stop the autotune, hurts my ears

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    Gabrielle Tanner

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    Ugh I feel you about high heels! I'm almost 6 foot and never wear them because I'm to yall. I always feel like I'm missing out but honestly I'm probably saving my feet alot of pain lol.

  26. cora-linda coetzee

    cora-linda coetzee

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    Zangeress in afrikaans its sangeress

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    I love you Nikki 🇵🇭

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    I love her products...beside the foundation. Totally hate the foundation especially since I have combo acne prone skin, this just makes my skin looks like poop. But love the rest of Fenty products tho.

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    I just love you and God Bless❤

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  38. Femm3BoiJay


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    S/o to Nikkie for day Rih anne ah and not Rih ah na, the first way is actually correct and how the queen herself says it. I hope to one day meet her, she’s a big inspiration for me.

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    Rihanna loves NikkieTutorials! You go girl!!

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    I'm not into the beauty community,but since I watched your coming out video trending a couple of days ago,I've watched about 7 of your videos,and I just love your funny,bright and happy personality! You are a beautiful soul,and woman.I loved the Snoop Dog voice over lol You are onderhoudend!

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    Would love to know what products are good for acne prone skin? I currently use makeup forever. Also tips on textured skin/acne scars?

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    Hazelle Jane

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    I am from South Africa and a language in my country is quite similar to yours (Afrikaans) so its interesting learning dutch word of the day, and somehow they always sound similar to Afrikaans. Anyway, thank you Nikkie you're so skilled, I learn a lot from you

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    isn’t lightning dust and fire crystal what you used in a past Fenty review!? Is this a new formulation of that one or same product? Loved this look it’s clear you had so much fun at this event loved hearing about it!!

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    james connelly

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    Mishelle Bookout

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    VDJ Vivacity

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    I almost met Janet Jackson after her opening night of her Vegas residency. She had an afterparty at the club across from the Park MGM theater and I managed to squeeze as close to the red carpet as I could and got so close that I was only separated by a rope from Janet when she came out and I was at her immediate left once she arrived. I tried beyond desperately to get her attention and I did for a split millisecond. I said that she was amazing and she looked up at me and said "thank you" and immediately was whisked away by security. Needless to say it was the happiest moment of my life and I hope that I get to fulfill the dream of actually meeting her for real. Also I love this story of you meeting Rihanna. I got to attend the 2006 Billboard Music Awards and she waved at me in the audience during a commercial break which was awesome.

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    Cooking bangla

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    Izabelle Holden

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    • Mood Forever

      Mood Forever

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      Yes , everyone says she smells so good ! I’m dying to know what she wears for perfume

    • Simo Fenty

      Simo Fenty

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      pero peric everybody who met her said that :’) 😍

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    Noelle Napier

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    • eim


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      how else would you?

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    Lari Marqs

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    6'2????????? What? I thought I was tall but I'm a dwarf compared to Nikkie 😂😂😂 I'm 5'7

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    • Bella Wangari

      Bella Wangari

      9 сарын өмнө

      Dutch tall women are very beautiful. I noticed Dutch women are really exceptionally tall and beautiful. Love yourself, you have one life to live. In Africa the sudanese are also tall.

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