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Letting you know I'm okay... Makeup Therapy | NikkieTutorials

Last week Dylan and myself were robbed at our own home. And even though it’s gonna take us months to mentally recover from this, one thing that always makes me feel calm is makeup. Today I try out the Barbie Color Reveal Dolls and create a makeup look inspired by whichever doll comes out! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.


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    *I can't thank you enough for always being there for me* 🥺💞

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      Judy Vinson

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      Girl your a rock star keep your head up we love you also stay sweet hunny

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      😘😘😘 oh honey. I just want to give you the biggest hug ever.

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      N F

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      Hugs ! We love you

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    This is why nobody does house tours anymore

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    Furby was my fav toy

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    I Like.. I love you.. You Prety

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    Mexicans to the cry of Music

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    at least subtitles in Spanish are missing

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    Kinza Ali

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    aww.. i m cry with u.😭.. love you aloooooot

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    and you sow buriffull

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    hallow niki how are you doing



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    quiero que tengas 1000subscriptors



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    hola soy emery

  12. Hailey Leonard

    Hailey Leonard

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    i love you so much awe :((( the way you put in to words what you were feeling was incredible and i hope everything turns out amazing in your future:))

  13. Sophie Stephenson

    Sophie Stephenson

    4 өдрийн өмнө

    Dylan giving her a lil' pep talk at the begging of the video literally made my heart melt. I'm so glad they are okay

  14. Vovó ASMR

    Vovó ASMR

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    Parabéns á vc!! Que Deus abençoe vc sempre 🙏🏼🌹🙏🏼😘Eu tambwm ando triste nessa pandemia, graças a Deus tenho meus inscritos, eles k tenhp domente meus netinhos seguidores!!Abraços e beijos de Brasil 🇧🇷🌹🙏🏼😘

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    I say other people’s nerves 😌

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    Kozi's Translator

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    Pokémon cards Yugioh cards WHERE IS YOUR MAGIC CARDS, NIKKIE Come play Magic with us Nikkie, srsly



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    Thanks 👍👍👍

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    I love how much fun you have with it. It's so special to bond with you when you share these little spots, and then proceed to enjoy yourself a bit. It is such a special video. grote knuffel xo

  20. Mrs Jackson

    Mrs Jackson

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    Still a man though

  21. Mia Drew

    Mia Drew

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    I know I’m kind of later but, praying for you and your best friend!!! I hope she gets better!! You are amazing and you inspire me everyday hope life treats you better soon!! 🥰

  22. The island girl limasawa

    The island girl limasawa

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    Relate much ❤

  23. Ashley Fox

    Ashley Fox

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    I love you sending positive vibes to you and your family and your friend with cancer.

  24. Insanely Speak

    Insanely Speak

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    I love you nikki don't worry about anything 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

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    Love you sister❤️allah bless you best of luck ❤️💕love from New York

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    We love you Nikkie

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    We love you!

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    You go sis

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    😢 saya sedih karna gak tahu, ini sedang bahas masalah apa..

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    Seguindo muito bom sucesso me segue de volta

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    Thank God , You are both ok.

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    I love you sis how the way you cry🙂🙂💋💋💋



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    Thank you for sharing, you motivate a lot of people in the globe. Stay well

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    thank you your always support newly vlog

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    I'm sorry you went through that I don't know what its like but I can try to imagine and I'm glad you're ok

  42. Zig Zag

    Zig Zag

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    I appreciate you bringing your personal struggle into the public eye ! love for makeup i might not understand but to love something that they cant take away, i do! please keep your head up and thanks for creating i dont undertsnad the barbie

  43. Mark of Balochistan

    Mark of Balochistan

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    today i have understood makeup

  44. Willow Wolf - piggy :oD

    Willow Wolf - piggy :oD

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    15,844 comment 2,625,052 view 218,997 like 08 : 08 08 : 09{started comment} - probably-? 14/10/2020 Wednesday youbeautiful Don't worry I fell over once and my hip and elbow bled ALOT- It was there for a lot of days but I'm okay now :')

  45. Friends are life

    Friends are life

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    👍 **

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    You are so strong Nikkie!! Much love and positivity sent to you

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    not even 30 seconds in and im crying :( shes so strong

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    This message is very inspiring, you are sad but can encourage fellow friends you are the best friend

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    You are beautiful.

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    Eladet Arcade

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    Nikki congrats your brave girl i am crying while lestening to you i heard your bestfriend has breast cancer very important person recomending to you i am like your beast frirnd suffering breast cancer trying to make smile all the people the barbie idea of you amazing

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    Oh my mercy!! Your making me cry!! Can I just hug you!!?? I am so sorry for what y’all went through! I am so glad that y’all are safe and okay. Even with what you went through, your attitude and positivity are still putting a smile on my face. I just had to put my daughter’s cat to rest yesterday.. on top of everything else this year.. it’s been a rough year for us. But like you.. makeup has always been a love of mine. And you inspire me everyday to break out of my shell. Never change!! Please stay safe.. Love you girl ❤️

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