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After trying Jeffree Star’s BLUE BLOOD collection, pretty much all of you wanted my raw and honest opinion on Jeffree’s new Magic Star concealers & setting powders! So today I’m here to give you exactly that!! I compare it to some of my holy grails and even wear-test it for 12 hours. Think I’ll love? Keep on watching!!
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Juno & Co Rose Velvet Sponge
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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Setting Powder “Rose”, “Fair”, “Translucent”
Jeffree Star Cosmetics Magic Star Concealer C1
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Doll Beauty False Lashes “Flynny”
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    *ARE YOU JOINING THE GIVEAWAY?* ...the Dutch Word of the Day is: "Prachtig". 🇳🇱✨

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      Het is dan ook een Prachtig woord❤️

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  2. Vanshika Kotak

    Vanshika Kotak

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    Brooooo please review new velvet trap lipsticks by him

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    Hi Nikki I love you And yeaaaaaah ❤️

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    As much as I dislike Jeff Starfish, the setting powders are bomb! Smells so goooood!

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    Your friends art is STUNNING OMLLLL

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    i love how the dark circles are still there. and shes like FLAWLESS XDDDDD

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    Your skin so red Nikkie

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    0:07 if you actually take voice lessons you can sing nikkie you just have to work on staying on key and finding your tone.. Btw i love the magic star powder in cocoa

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    Jade West

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    please dont sing

    • Francesca


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      @Jade West she wasn't singing properly, its not a crime to be happy in your videos

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      Jade West

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      @Francesca in fact it does

    • Francesca


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      yeah coz im sure you have a voice of an angel

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    You r very kind nikkie

  11. dipanwita satpati chakraborty

    dipanwita satpati chakraborty

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    U look funny when you look up for the concealer

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    Your daily dose of the internet

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    It is prachtig that you're so awesome!!

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    Is noone going to mention the "barbecued cotton candy?? Nikki what does that mean 😂 I love her so much lmfao she always makes me so happy 🥰

  14. *unh, ayo, yuh, yee*

    *unh, ayo, yuh, yee*

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    watching this a year later and was wondering why everyone was shitting on james charles in the comments then i checked the date this was video was released.

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    0:009 - 0:10 ...drugs drugs drugs

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    I love the art

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    You are so prachtig ❤️

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    "Practhing " One thing i had noticed on today video. You haven't use lip pencil to draw a line on your mouth before putting the lipstick but i still love the video . Love you nikkie ❤️

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    Love BlackPink and their company needs to quit sitting on them.

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    Maddie Price

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    I love jeffry so much happy to see more of him from someone else i love

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    Mm - Hmm

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    1:38 I can’t believe that her face and the background is the same color (love you Nikkie).

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    lien De bock

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    I love how you are so honest and real with us

  24. India West

    India West

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    I wish I had her skin 😍

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    1 year ago, today.

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    Hope mcnicol

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    you should do a full face of jeffree star makeup if you havnt already

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    I love jeffrees products. And hes really fun to watch.

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    Tyler Louis Kuretich SUPA DUPA XO

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    The fcso is ducking going to PRISON

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    I respect you for who you are but you are never satisfied in any of your Video

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    Chris Mottob

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    I just don´t get the Sharpie eyebrows....they just seem out of proportion

  35. Alice Eden

    Alice Eden

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    Same my star broke tooo! I was super sad! But the concealer still works!

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    Gerrie's Life

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    allison m

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    I have a question: what is that headband? And what is that pink sponge? Anyone else absolutely love how circular the shape of her foundation sponge always is? It's so cute lol

    • Yasiris Vega

      Yasiris Vega

      Сарын өмнө

      Mathilda B. Actually no, she has mentioned before that she is not a big fan of the Beauty Blender. She has mentioned the brand of her sponge just once, but I don’t remember which vid was. I do know it was way before this one.

    • Mathilda B.

      Mathilda B.

      5 сарын өмнө

      alissa cugliari im pretty sure it’s just a normal beauty blender ( from the brand beauty blender ), but she uses the round end instead of the pointy end. So it looks like it’s a ball but it’s not

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    Stephanie Spencer

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    Does Ms.Tutorials use cannabis over there in the Holland's? 😜🤙🌿

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    I don’t really like Jeffree after last years happenings but I like his products and his concealer is no exception 🥰

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    Emily Redeker

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    I swatched the concealers in store and my perfect match is literally C1. 😭 RIP my pasty ass...

    • Alice Eden

      Alice Eden

      6 сарын өмнө

      My color is also c1

  63. Adrian Medina

    Adrian Medina

    8 сарын өмнө

    Aren’t those little balls at around 7:45 technically because your setting a cream with a powder so it’s congealing? I understand if it’s happening with a lot of products because of application.

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    Puchiko Nyu

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    why was she so red??? is she ok?

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    I love the whole look except how you contoured the nose

    • Miku


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      Also I can see some darkness below your eyes:(

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    Erica Simpson

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    Is this powder better than Laura Mercia?

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      Erica Simpson Yes

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    Soon Bean

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  69. Heather


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    I know I'm real late to the party considering this video is almost a year old, but oh my god, the shout out at the end, the Instagram video is from the city I live in currently, and it was so surreal, I didn't notice it until now.

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    Ila Negi

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    I love you girl but "cBd ExTrAct" ? 😂😂 bbg im pretty sure JS prefers the THC in marijuana. CBD OiL is what is typically in cosmetics, as both have benefits and are in marijuana but THC is what gets you high, not CBD. Just a lil stoner lesson for yuh;)

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