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Instagram Filters CHOOSE MY MAKEUP! | NikkieTutorials

In today’s video, an Instagram FILTER picks my makeup! CRAZY RIGHT?! The filter selects everything from foundation, to false lashes! I tried to film this video THREE different times, so hopefully, this time, I’m able to pull a stunning look together! Hope you enjoy!
Original challenge video: mnmore.info/bin/video/kq2anJayo3qpoag
🔥 PREVIOUS VIDEO • Makeup HUNT! My Fiancé Hides ALL MY MAKEUP! → mnmore.info/bin/video/h3qtq9ermYG2lZc 🔥
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Visuals & sound by Studio Beng Beng: studiobengbeng
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      I am your new subscriber nikkie

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      Pieken en Dalen ⬆️&⬇️ IG: amber.and.storm I had no doubt that you would slay this no matter what! 💚 Absolutely love you, Nikki! You're such an inspiration! Especially lately! 👑💋

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      How about crediting GLAMBYROXY? She created this challenge 2 months ago. And just in case people are wondering? Watch tea spill, she breaks it down for ya

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      Glambyroxy did it first

  2. Annie M.

    Annie M.

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    Make-up is just so expensive most of the time, if you want something worth buying, not just to test... I always envy those girls that have such enormous bags full of every possible makeup, brushes and so on...

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    I think she made her brow so natural and beautiful in this video

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    Pieken en dalen ❤️❤️❤️

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    Hi Nikki I want you to do this challenge where do your whole face and pink

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    You look amazing!

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    You recorded this 5 days before my birthday

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    Nikkie “I failed the first 2 times” Me “WHY DIDNT YOU POST THE FAILS ITS A CHALLENGE YOURE GONNA FAIL!!!”

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    Hoi Eh ik kan nog geen Engels en ik wil u graag vragen om ondertiteling ook in het Nederlands te kunnen doen iniedergeval je doed het echt goed en ik doe je ook na maar ik kan het lang niet zo goed als r

    • Lieve Kootstra

      Lieve Kootstra

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      O en ik verdenk je bij wie is de mol

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      Love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    I have the same name as your dog i-

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    teascalessia 2008

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    But why is she so tall like 1.94 m like girlll, length for days

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    this is how many people think kylie cosmetics was a flop

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    Omg did Nikki not prime. She always says Not to Prime is Crime 😳😳😳

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    Pieken en Dalen

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    Pieken en Dalen



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    10:43 i instantly thought of Mac and Nikkie said it at the same time.😄😄😄

  20. BruderMussLos Soos

    BruderMussLos Soos

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    Honestly... I did not think you were trans...... But Girl you look absolutely BEAUTIFUL dont let the haters get to you and do your thing!💞

  21. Will Graham

    Will Graham

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    oh my god this is from april it feels like it's from seven years ago

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    pieken en dalen :D

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    20 minutes doing ur eyebrowns 😱 GIRL!! Thats commitment!

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    how do i get the filterrrr

  25. Reina Moon

    Reina Moon

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    also...why does the filter pick only that palette?

  26. Reina Moon

    Reina Moon

    28 өдрийн өмнө

    misgendering people you don't like is transphobic

  27. Kittix 707

    Kittix 707

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    why are we still talking about HER gender? we should all just enjoy the video

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    I love revelotion

  29. Isabella Aviles

    Isabella Aviles

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    if you were born a male you are a male. If you were born a female you are a female. You can't magically change your gender. I am not going to pretend you are a girl.

    • Dollar store Rihanna

      Dollar store Rihanna

      9 өдрийн өмнө

      Not always but take that into consideration

    • Dollar store Rihanna

      Dollar store Rihanna

      9 өдрийн өмнө

      Well trans literally changes your genitals too sooooo

    • Simore


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      Isabella Aviles says scientists. you cannot argue with facts

    • rantarowo


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      @Isabella Aviles scientists

    • Musty Melons

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      Isabella Aviles literally anyone who has taken any science class

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    Pieken en Dalen

  31. laforest gamer

    laforest gamer

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    “Pieken en Dalen”. My Instagram handle is @Ashlaforest2019 hope to win the lash giveaway!

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    Pieken en Dalen. @martakaritas_

  33. Bethany Dyches

    Bethany Dyches

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    Hiii I know you’re probably not gonna see this but I have a quick question I have the James Charles mini pallet and that really bright pink stains my eyelids and only that one and I’m just wondering if anyone else has that problem

    • Omar U

      Omar U

      27 өдрийн өмнө

      Use a eyeshadow base so it doesn’t really stain your eyelids

    • Musty Melons

      Musty Melons

      28 өдрийн өмнө

      Yeah that shade has been known to stain. But also any good quality pink or red shades stain

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    Nikkie is literally so inspirational! I wish I could meet her! 💚

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    this is my favorite intro shes done😂

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    she’s so pretty

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    she is literally drop dead gorgeous 🤩😍🤍✨

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    I strongly believe *Swenk_hack1* on Instagram account he's real and legit 💯💯

  39. osatin Abel

    osatin Abel

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    I strongly believe *Swenk_hack1* on Instagram account he's real and legit 💯💯

  40. Rachel Coyle

    Rachel Coyle

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    I love u



    Сарын өмнө

    Dutch word of the day - " Pieken en Dalen " . Sentence - " Life is all about Pieken en Dalen, you just need to believe in yourself. ❤️ "

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    She's a Queen. She's I C O N I C

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    Me trying to find Nikita's comment

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    Pieken en dalen Ig: heavenlydisaster23

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    y’all will apologize for misgendering a goldfish and then turn around and do it on purpose to a HUMAN BEING. a wonderful human being at that!! nikkie has not a single mean bone in her body and the fact that some of you are so sad you go out of your way to ruin someone else is legit pathetic and i hope you get a better life and learn to love yourself

  47. chen buch

    chen buch

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    Adore the hair styles you keep changing So creative

  48. Bazhena Bezugla

    Bazhena Bezugla

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    She used a filter from dizcode named makeup picker 😘hope yall are staying safe and healthy during this virus 😊❤️

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    piken en dalen

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    Thank you for finally crediting GLAMBYROXY !!!

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    Mooi hoor zit nu in een dal

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    That look turned out phenomenal!

  53. Serafina Fool

    Serafina Fool

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    Nikkie: and so and so forth... is that a sentence? We say that in Dutch. Me: I sure hope it is, I've been saying it for years.

  54. Kayla Varela

    Kayla Varela

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    I’m shocked you didn’t have a lot of the products.

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    For sure Wet n Wild, i just can't use it anymore

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    I'm so proud of Nikkie. Much love from Portugal 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹

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    Pieken en dalen

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    I'm sorry but I just started getting flashbacks to Alaska Thunderfuck

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    Can we all agree that no matter what the challenge, NIKKIE PULLS IT OFF LIKE A QUEEN

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    It’s Mac,Kylie and KKW for me

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    Honestly, she’s always been a girl. Why do people gotta be like this?

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    Can we please see the failed attempts?

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    Pieken en Dalen!!!! Love your vids xx💖💖

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    What is that filter shes using? Does anyone know or Nikki luv plz answer my question XOXOXO UR LOOK IS STUNNING

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    Pieken en Dalen. Love the look you made! I didn’t know bottom lashes were a thing. 😂

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    I tried the filter and it is super !!!!!! Like if you love Nikkie and you watch her videos daily

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    OMG this video was made on by birthday! April 20!! 😯😬😮😲

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    Nikkie: nikita is so drop dead gorgeous Me: SO ARE YOU. YOUR A QUEEN

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    Pickens en Daley

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    Pieken en dalen I don't have any insta

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    Nikkie can u do a tutorial with this product called boom stick ty

  80. BaReLy ExIsTiNg6640

    BaReLy ExIsTiNg6640

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    Her having the whole sephora and ulta store in her collection: Me: I have been using the same eyeshadow pallet for five years b-

  81. Isabella Saavedra Molina

    Isabella Saavedra Molina

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    "Pieken en Dalen" Hey Nikkie, luv you. Wishing those lashes!!!

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    Little Lady

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    I need that lipstick

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    Nicole Hawkins

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    You are gorgeous!! 🤩🤩 May all your haters fall into a sinkhole 🙌🤟

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    Omg Nikki your amazing don’t let anyone tell u different they are only jealous that you can be yourself!! Xx ly

  85. Fariha Atiq Ur Rahman

    Fariha Atiq Ur Rahman

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    Actually I used to use make up products from NYX but now a days I’ve been not liking lot because The compact blush or any other powder products is not going so good on my skin but I do prefer nyx born to go radiant concealer It’s one of the best I have not about any other products and my favourite compact is Mac studio fix powder plus it’s so highly coverage love it

  86. Gail Thomson

    Gail Thomson

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    "Pieken en Dalen" love u so strong and so inspiring not only to women but everyone xx

  87. Lazy MSP

    Lazy MSP

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    When she was still in the closet everyone used the correct pronouns but now that she came out some people are such jerks that they use the wrong pronouns on purpose.... wow get a life 😂

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    She and her! Nothing has changed; she is still beautiful and talented and I love watching her videos.

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    Love the look, but those top lashes were not it sis. Love you Nikki

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    he is looking kind of cute today

    • Musty Melons

      Musty Melons

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      It seems your forgot the s in he. I will fix it for you. She

    • hannahisabigloser


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      she* 😸

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    Love you seeetheart. My life feels like such a mess, you are amazing and always help me smile when I am down. Be you girl!!!!

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    Pieken en Dalen hhahahaha i done ig: @bbyvianey

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    Life is full of Picken en dalen but you’re videos make it that much easier of a ride ❤️

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