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I Can't Believe I'm Doing This...

WELCOME TO WINTER WONDER WEEK 2019!!! After doing a Grinch makeup tutorial some time ago, I wanted to complete the fantasy by doing a Cindy Lou Who look. This is the video NOBODY asked for, but my oh my, I had so much fun creating this look, haha! Hope you enjoy!
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      NikkieTutorials happy holidays nikkie!

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      NikkieTutorials am I the only one who thinks a MNmore video should be done on MNmore? I for one don’t like or have instagram......and really don’t understand why it has to be done like this. Love your videos and Dutch word of the day..

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    What sponge do you use to blend?

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    Kylie Jenner has joined the chat...

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    If anybody is still looking at these comments, she had both light and dark(contour and highlight? I'm new at makeup... and 32. Lol) and blended all with the same beauty blender. Do you have to do it in a certain order or will it all just blend fine?

  19. Alicia McLain

    Alicia McLain

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    I needed it. I didn't know I needed it, but now I do! 🤣

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    Bethany akin

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    De Grinch is een geweldige kerstfilm. Ik hoop dat ik kippensoep lekker vind met mijn familie terwijl ik naar je video's kijk. Ik heb ook een huisdier kip.

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      What bullying?

  24. TessTroublesome128


    8 сарын өмнө

    I enjoy all of the looks that Nikki does, but I would love to see her do a look inspired by what the actress that played Cindy Lou Who in the live action movie, Taylor Momsen, looks like now.

  25. Brandy Lucero

    Brandy Lucero

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    Just curious. Has there been a winner chosen for this giveaway????

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    Liana Gadayev

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    Ibtisem Ibti

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    Becca Mils

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    Love how nikkies Cindy cosplay makeup is literally jus what I do for my everyday makeup 😂 minus the teeth lmao but u get what I mean hahaha

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