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I AM GETTING MARRIED?! | NikkieTutorials

YES... YOU READ THE TITLE RIGHT!!!!!! I can’t believe I’m uploading this video today, but here I am! Over on my holiday to Italy, my boyfriend Dylan had the BIGGEST SURPRISE of my life… HE PROPOSED!!!! In today’s video, I’m telling you how we met, how he proposed.. basically everything you need to know, haha! Oh, and I’m also applying an HBO Euphoria inspired look by Maddy! Enjoy!
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      Hi Cheese

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      Mainur Rashid Chowdhury

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      @TheThreeMusketeers 098go u

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      Radhika Rao

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      Ik am late but, Congratulations 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😘😘

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      NikkieTutorials congrats!!!

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      @NSPA Jay y

  2. ART Studio

    ART Studio

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    Hey DUDE I hope u have a nice life in hell cuz I will be in heaven

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      you: "i'm a really nice person!!! 😭😭😫😫" also you: "go to hell dude 😈, i will go go heaven 😇" make it make sense girlie

  3. Klaudia Czubajewska

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    I am so happy you are together ❤️🥺 I love you both guys! so happy for you!

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    the people who disliked are just jealous

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    so romantic, hearing this after so long time

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    where did you get your t-shirt i loveeeeee it

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    I loved their love story 💕💕💕💕.

  9. Aisha S

    Aisha S

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    Funny how last time I commented “my dream is nikkie doing my wedding makeup” and then I see this omg😭😍😍😍😍

  10. fzzypurpleturtle


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    i was sitting there waiting and waiting, wanting you let us know that Dylan isn't an a-hole and the reveal was PERFECT! unfortunate because ya'll coulda been mackin' sooner, but hey! Stand-up guy!!! yay!! snaps for dylan!

  11. Crystal Pistey-Lyhne

    Crystal Pistey-Lyhne

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    Awwwwhhh! I 💘 your vlog! I ship Nillion! I love the show Euphoria as well.😍😘💍💞💘

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    im single not fair but yay!

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    “Engaged in Italy” Plays French music

  14. Honor Silverthorne

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    💜🌸Best wishes to the groom & bride! 🌸💜

  15. Donna Bella

    Donna Bella

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    Nikkie I can relate but the only answer of receiving a man this way is God's gift to us! I have the best man for me and the only one who knows how to give this to us is God! I pray you have Jesus in your life. You are such a sweet lady and I pray you have a wonderful life.

  16. hgyy gggyu

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    je moet beter nederlandse video's maken

  17. Casey Toivenon

    Casey Toivenon

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    Gotta buy your high lighter. Thought mine was good but I love ur shimmery 1 better now!

  18. Casey Toivenon

    Casey Toivenon

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    So sweet I'm crying now! So so so happy for u... U deserve to b happy. But u know u'll have to share at least wedding photos. Wow that's so romantic!💕💕💕

  19. Casey Toivenon

    Casey Toivenon

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    So so so happy for u girl! U rock. U gotta give us ur wedding makeup tutorial! 💕❤😍😘🥰❤💕

  20. Roxana Marandescu

    Roxana Marandescu

    Сарын өмнө

    Such a beautiful story! Congratulations!!!! My husband proposed while we were on his cousin wedding. Because I was on shock, I didn't understood/remember most of the speech, and I only remember when he actually asked me to marry him :))....thank God somebody filmed it and I could watch it, so I can hear myself what he said. Btw, the whole think was planned by him ,his cousin and the bride :)

  21. Beyza


    Сарын өмнө

    Mr. Tutorials be doing everything perfect??¿ can i have one too please thank youuu

  22. K Ma

    K Ma

    Сарын өмнө

    Watching this really made me cry because their relationship is just too cute❤️.... & it also makes me wonder if I'll ever experience something like that

  23. Jujubee Jujubee

    Jujubee Jujubee

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  24. Hey it is Me maya

    Hey it is Me maya

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    I love u so much and can’t wait till you get married 💖

  25. Anji13Robbie Kozel

    Anji13Robbie Kozel

    Сарын өмнө

    My Husband and I have been through thick and thin.... hard times and easy ones.... a child and all of his friends and video game parties.... But after 30 years, we have never forgotten how to LOVE each other!!!!! And I still remember the night he proposed ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  26. Jenny B

    Jenny B

    Сарын өмнө

    I want a Dylan 😔

  27. Jennifer Harlow

    Jennifer Harlow

    Сарын өмнө

    I’m not trying to shame, but are her lips real or fillers? Cause damn that’s every females dream to have such full lips!

    • lizzie lambert

      lizzie lambert

      Сарын өмнө

      it's filler but it's a gorgeous job

  28. pianogirl98


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    Love u both 💖💖💖

  29. Ana Carolina Clauman

    Ana Carolina Clauman

    Сарын өмнө

    Sweetest storie ever ❤️

  30. Nikki Drouin

    Nikki Drouin

    Сарын өмнө

    This is such a beautiful story that you will love and be able to talk about forever. I know this happened a year ago but I'm so happy for you!!! You two are a cute couple. ♥♥♥♥

  31. Nicklas Childs

    Nicklas Childs

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    Paris Turner

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  33. princess jess of Avalor

    princess jess of Avalor

    Сарын өмнө

    Congratulations on your and Dylan engagement

  34. annamaria_afs


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    Yay! Here’s to love ❤️💜😍😘🇨🇦

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  36. natsume hana

    natsume hana

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    That's when u realise nikkie fell for Dylan without noticing lol😂😅😅

  37. irina ioana avasilcai

    irina ioana avasilcai

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    I cried only listening to this, I would have passed out if I witnessed this

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    I keep pressing the don’t recommend this channel button cause I watched one episode and wasn’t that into this channel and her channel is still popping up stop!!!!!!!

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    Amal Hafez

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    I’m so happy for you ❤️

  41. Bogusia Krężel

    Bogusia Krężel

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    This shade in your crease is beautiful! I'm going to start putting shimmers/duochromes on my crease too, bc it looks absolutely amazing!

  42. Courtney Kelly

    Courtney Kelly

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    i love hearing love stories!!!!

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    Kangkana Dutta

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    Everyone: blah blah blah Nikkie: ba ba ba ba blah 💝💝💝

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    Kay Kay

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    ive watched this 8 billion times and it still makes me smile to this day

  45. Kidsomar Kids

    Kidsomar Kids

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    Bruiloft dutch word of the day

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    Hallo Nikkie, je bent heel goed

  47. Olivia Davis

    Olivia Davis

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    OMFG YALLS LOVE STORY so adorable!!! I need a dylannnn of my ownnnn

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    Anika B.

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    awwww so cute. i want a dylan toooooo 😭

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    Lisa Revie

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    So happy for you both. X

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    Raeven Brown

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    Your eyes are so sexy 💖💖💖💖

  51. Vanna Tith

    Vanna Tith

    2 сарын өмнө

    How beautiful the love story is, listening to the way you shared feel like on a rollercoaster. Ideal couples of the universe!

  52. Blurryphan


    2 сарын өмнө

    Congratulations Nikkie and Dylan!!! You guys are the best :)

  53. Jeniffer Collins

    Jeniffer Collins

    2 сарын өмнө

    This is the 18th Time I watched this FULL without skip, I Love Your Love Story and I'm praying The Heaven and God Bless u for a Lifetime 💙😇 I'm so Inspired and looking forward for me to have a goodlovestory soon. I Loce You Nikki 💙💙

  54. sanjay Bhagat

    sanjay Bhagat

    3 сарын өмнө

    i am always seeing to her eyebrows before she done her makeup is she not having eyebrows so invisible ??!!!

  55. Emma Johnson

    Emma Johnson

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    So happy for them

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    Radhika Rao

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    The people who disliked this video do not have a ♥.

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    Leilani Gagnat

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    I thought you came out? I'm confused.

    • Chitchae


      2 сарын өмнө

      Oh, you thought she came out as lesbian?

    • Leilani Gagnat

      Leilani Gagnat

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      @Fish In a Brooke !!! she was born a man. I forgot about that that's her come out story. She was born a man.

    • Fish In a Brooke !!!

      Fish In a Brooke !!!

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      Leilani Gagnat ??????????????????

    • Leilani Gagnat

      Leilani Gagnat

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      @Fish In a Brooke !!! oh she was a man. That's how she came out.

    • Fish In a Brooke !!!

      Fish In a Brooke !!!

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      She did

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    Babbo Tom

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    Who else cried ✋

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    my god, you are 100% girl xD

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    Liah Long

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    Ron Jo

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    Nikki: "The Dutch way of kissing, we do 3 kisses" Also Nikki: "Everytime he was giving me nothing . . ."( except 3 kisses!) How cheeky can you be? Pun intended!

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    Cristina DeLeon

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    hellllo Nikkie

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  66. WordsFlowMagnetic


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    The way that he had her do her makeup because he knows how important to her PROVES love is real

  67. Romantic Rose

    Romantic Rose

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    I don't know if you see this but, I am a Christian and in the bible because of a person and his deep faith every human being believe or not will have a very bright and amazing blessing and as I watched this video I saw that God wanted to heal you through His,God bless you!

  68. FrαncyStεin


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    Italian's beauty strikea again 😎 (10 months late but never mind)

  69. Rosa Busby

    Rosa Busby

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    You do such nice lips

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  71. BlueLaggon_games


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    Sylvie Cardinal

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    You are amazing i wish to have that makoever look by you watching Every day you are sublime thanks To share your stories its inspire me you are beautiful angel on earth ❤❤🌹🌹

  73. Legally a Hijabi

    Legally a Hijabi

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    I cried omg.

  74. Dear Diary

    Dear Diary

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    He also raped Justin beiber.

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    Im cryin while watching this oh god everything is so sweet😭😭

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    Amie Covell

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    🥰 congrats 🎉🎊🍾🎈 sister Nikki

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      KFMV UYL

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    Gabriela Videckis

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    It’s called God not the universe

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    Anastasia Germain

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    I am so incredibly happy for you two! I keep going back to this video because it´s such a positive and joyful one.

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    Caleb Mcclelland

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    Gals Of The Flowers

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    Samaira Mehmood

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    Samaira Mehmood

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    Guys her last name is "de jager" (the hunter) not tutorials😂

  87. Nicole Michaels

    Nicole Michaels

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    The fact that he convinced you to do your makeup shows just how in tune he is with you. It's like when they convince a friend of yours to go get your nails done together. He knew you'd want to be dolled up for your engagement photos! Good man.

  88. Han-Han Bui

    Han-Han Bui

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    Joop de Poop

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    Tippity Tappity Taylor

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    Khush Bakht Latif Chishti

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      Zoe Johnson

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      me :(