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Getting READY With SOFIA CARSON! | NikkieTutorials

Today I have a very special guest on my channel! Sofia Carson is here to play with makeup, answer some crazy questions, and talk about her new makeup collab with Revlon! Thank you, Revlon for sponsoring this video! The Love Is The Name singer is here and ready to get glam!!! Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe!!
SOFIA CARSON x Revlon available at Revlon.com 💋 bit.ly/38CRjo4
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Visuals & sound by Studio Beng Beng: studiobengbeng
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    • Gisela Bautista sandoval

      Gisela Bautista sandoval

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      Rapunzel 😍💖

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      Zenia Hernandez

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      U and Sofia!

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      Rapunzel ofc

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      The Roaming Princess

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      Well this isn't a princess but I love Evie!

  2. Pkmn Trainer Cupcake

    Pkmn Trainer Cupcake

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    Can you do a get ready with Suzette Quintanilla (Selena's sister)?

  3. Stacey Mouris

    Stacey Mouris

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    As an Dutch person who is like in LOVE with Sofia Carson (and sofia's lipstick) I'm freaking out inside! I'm flabbergasted by this amazing video. love it! ❤️

  4. Cut Keumala

    Cut Keumala

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    SOFIA!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  5. catherine thomas

    catherine thomas

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    Sofia literally always reminds me of lily Collins. always.

  6. Addison Denman

    Addison Denman

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    12:48 Ready to save the world. One lipstick at a time

  7. Zeno De Goignies

    Zeno De Goignies

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    OMG jij kent Sofia Carson!!!! You're so cool🤩

  8. G l o e e Cherry

    G l o e e Cherry

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    Wth.. Who else feels similar sofia with Lily collins

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    Sthefany Thayane

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    Hi 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  10. priti nagdeote

    priti nagdeote

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    the way sofia's nails are so simple and self done kills me with her simplicity

  11. Lorrie Pederson

    Lorrie Pederson

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    I what a makeup with you in

  12. Sanne Bosch

    Sanne Bosch

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    ik hou zoooooooooooo vvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeel van sofia carson!!!!!!!!!

  13. Cong Yum ambassador Lam

    Cong Yum ambassador Lam

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    Elsa and jack frost

  14. Michael Bojanowski

    Michael Bojanowski

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    Omg you getting the best peploe in the world

  15. Lisa Heinrichs

    Lisa Heinrichs

    23 өдрийн өмнө

    Hey there. Such an Amazing Video and i love you Both so much❤️ I am living in Germany and i would love to buy These products but when i am searching for These ones its just saying That its not available in Germany.😔Does anyone have an idea? Thanks☺️

  16. Chung Pink

    Chung Pink

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  17. Isavross Isavross

    Isavross Isavross

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    Kan je alsjeblieft james charles Nederlands leren

  18. Alisha Hoogewoonink

    Alisha Hoogewoonink

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    Waar kan je de producten kopen??

  19. Hey Pizzas!

    Hey Pizzas!

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    999 mil views......Me:I go here 1m......... Me:👁️👄👁️

  20. Kayla Ann Marie

    Kayla Ann Marie

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    gosh they are such beautiful women. Such an inspiration!

  21. shanna dk

    shanna dk

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    Weet je wat mij heel leuk lijkt nikkie als je zo'n video opneemt met dove cameron 😊

  22. Jessica


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    Why is this soo underrated aaaaaa

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  27. Aesthetic Foodie :3

    Aesthetic Foodie :3

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    It’s uh idk but maybe elsa and NOT only bc my name is Elsa

  28. Anastasia Blues

    Anastasia Blues

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    Sofia carson is the kindest women in the world

  29. Erika Notarangelo

    Erika Notarangelo

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    Wow this is incredible, I love Sofia Carson ❤️❤️

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    Oumama Khatun

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  31. Abigail Buckley

    Abigail Buckley

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    I know her from decedents on Disney

  32. Moonlight Princesss

    Moonlight Princesss

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    I am geobsedeerd with sofia 😍

  33. Nina Cekstere

    Nina Cekstere

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    do dove camron pleas pleas pleas pleaspleaspleaspleas pleas lpeas

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    Daja Liina

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    sofia is absolutely beautiful

  35. Aqib Ejaz

    Aqib Ejaz

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    Evie is good

    • Aqib Ejaz

      Aqib Ejaz

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      Tho it is Sofia Carson

  36. Little Mdlittle4 Channel

    Little Mdlittle4 Channel

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    Sofia was in descendent

  37. naseem alyahyai

    naseem alyahyai

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    aaaa she is my fav love you sofia /dove/booboo/camren boyce fly high

  38. keyuri morker

    keyuri morker

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    Sofia is just a sweetheart ❤ ❤ i luv her soooo much

  39. Allyson Alago

    Allyson Alago

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    I love you guys your just amazing people and so talented in many things!!☺️😊😁

  40. Jessa Sin Clare

    Jessa Sin Clare

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    I thought this was Rosanna Pansino



    Сарын өмнө

    Geobsedeerd love your videos

  42. Jennifer Saldaña

    Jennifer Saldaña

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    Sofia is so stunningly gorgeous wow And her voice is so soothing and graceful I love her 😍❤️🥰🌟

  43. Aashika ARTHULAX Rai

    Aashika ARTHULAX Rai

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    Dove Cameron.

  44. Diana Sanchez

    Diana Sanchez

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    I love Sofia Carson she's the best she's a good singer she's a good person and my favorite princess is repunsl

  45. Eva Giron

    Eva Giron

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    i’m geobsedeerd with this iconic duo!!!❤️

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    You should cover ,,Make up” by Ariana Grande!😂🥰

  47. Sophia Otzenberger

    Sophia Otzenberger

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    I love how Nikki isn’t doing these in person like all the other influences

  48. Ashley hl

    Ashley hl

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    She is extremely talented and super beautiful ❤

  49. Nehemiah Shaw

    Nehemiah Shaw

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    I don't know if it's just me or is that Sofia Carson should act as a live action snow white

  50. Saakshi Ganeshie

    Saakshi Ganeshie

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    Nikki even een vraagje send je het ook naar NL trouwens: GEOBSEDEERD cuz i love yy

  51. Oriella Imperial

    Oriella Imperial

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    Who wants gum?

  52. E_70 Ozturk

    E_70 Ozturk

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    She looks like lilly collins🤔So pretty

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    Areeba Jahangir

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    Bts dynamite

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    Isagani Villanueva

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    I though it was Anne Curtis Smit of Philippines 😍🙊

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    Peyton Perry

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    Just the way she speaks. She sounds like a princess

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    harry love

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    Nikkies nails reminds me of harry styles watermelon sugar

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    Daily live with Auri !

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    Can I get one

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    Geobsedeerd followed all the instructions and watch until the love you videos

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    Isabelle Naylor

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    Her hail literally looks like a hat xx live Sofia still tho

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    tilda alexsandersen

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  62. Charleen S.

    Charleen S.

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    Sofia´s voice is so beautiful, I love her voice I could listen to her for hours

  63. Charleen S.

    Charleen S.

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    When I saw the colors of the lipsticks I was geobsedeerd. I love the colors I am in love :D

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    Isis and her family vlog

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    Isis and her family vlog

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  71. Sara Rogozinski

    Sara Rogozinski

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    I'm just wondering why Sofia's hair is always glossy? Is it because she likes it?

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    Sing Lim

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    So much chemistryyyy Sofia really deserves more views!!

  73. Natural Beauty

    Natural Beauty

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    marleen koppers

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    I will be right back

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    Omg it’s the celeb that had an unprofessional staff with her. That’s obvious that you had a great connection with her. Both of you seem real, funny and nice

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    Magdaa Kuśmierz

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    Mal and Evie and all from descendents always in my heart❤️❤️

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    i am geobsedeered with pink

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    Isobel Harding

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    Nu een 2e seizoen van PLL the perfectionists en ik ben helemaal happy.

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    nathalie cere

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    Chaimae Ibrahimi

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  96. sweet muffin

    sweet muffin

    Сарын өмнө

    i love sofia carson so much, I'm 10 years old and i wish i can get the lipstick but i will need to go to america

  97. sweet muffin

    sweet muffin

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  98. Elvena Yee

    Elvena Yee

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  99. kylxie .lattex

    kylxie .lattex

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    is it just me or i think sofia is the most unproblematic woman and an actor i mean she never made a problem shes just doing her job to make us happy

  100. Khaye Perales

    Khaye Perales

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    wtf.. i just thought it was Anne Curtis. hahahha